Joint CMTFO - CMSO Winter School 2012
La Jolla, CA

The CMTFO, in partnership with the Center for Magnetic Self-Organization (CMSO), held a Winter School at UCSD between 9-12 January 2012. The topic of the School: Principles of Magnetic and Flow Self-Organization in Plasmas and Magnetofluids, and speakers from the magnetic fusion, astrophysics and geophysical fluid dynamics communities discussed current understanding and open issues of self-organization in fusion systems, rotating stars and accretion disks. Participants also presented their work in a mixture of oral and poster sessions.

Video files

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Monday, January 9 PDF VIDEO Tuesday, January 10 PDF VIDEO
John Rice 8mb 214mb Fatima Ebrahimi 10mb 242mb
Lothar Schmidtz. 13mb 160mb John Sarff & Paul Terry 9mb   12mb 305mb
Patrick Diamond 7mb 295mb Mark Nornberg 3mb 105mb
Phil Marcus 9mb 215mb Hantao Ji 6mb  
Wednesday, January 11 PDF VIDEO Thursday, January 12 PDF VIDEO
Celine Gervilly
3mb 133mb
Dalton Schnack
2mb 155mb
Hui Li 11mb 216mb
Ellen Zweibel 1mb 171mb
Jean Eilek 23mb 270mb Jeremy Goodman 4mb 308mb
Nic Brummell 11mb 230mb Min Xu 3mb 130mb
Simon Bott 7mb 120mb Y. Kosuga-son 3mb 61mb
Toby Wood 7mb 151mb